Beekman Real Estate Investment Management (“Beekman REIM”) is an international real estate investment and property management firm with offices in New York City, Paris and Chennai.


As we expand the firm and enter into the European and U.S. market, our initial focus will be investing, repositioning and managing mixed-use, retail and office properties with an identifiable upside to create value.


Over time, Beekman REIM plans to draw on its wealth of investing experience in all real estate sectors to further our growth. With over 50 years’ worth of experience, Beekman REIM employs a flexible and creative approach to investing, while preserving a conservative underwriting process.


The firm’s underwriting process weighs risk tolerance with potential returns, and ultimately, investment decisions are based on extensive market research and sensitivity analysis. Beekman REIM looks to acquire income-producing properties below replacement cost, with rents at or below market levels, and well-timed reviews and opportunities to increase rents to market levels.

Our asstes

Our Assets


Asset One

Five Guys, Palo Alto

Centrally located "Park and Buy" Shopping Center in Palo Alto. 12 sqm, 40 stores
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Flexeon, Manhattan

Twelve miles from Central Park Parking Mall in Manhattan. 14 sqm, 30 stores.
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